Client: Evergreen Propeties

Evergreen Properties had a vision of turning their Instagram into a digital gateway for dream homes. I took on this journey to transform their online identity, captivate audiences, and drive leads to their doorstep.

Key Achievements:

1. Brand Identity Makeover:

  • Color Palette Magic: We crafted a brand-specific color palette that radiated trust and sophistication. Every post now echoed Evergreen unique identity.

  • Engagement-Oriented Content: Our posts told stories about the homes we showcased, evoking emotions and dreams in every scroll.

2. Follower Surge:

  • Strategic Hashtags: We discovered the right hashtags that attracted users interested in real estate, boosting our visibility.

  • Interactive Engagement: We actively engaged with followers, responding to comments, and hosting polls and Q&A sessions.

3. Generating Leads:

  • Lead-Generating Posts: We designed posts with enticing call-to-action elements, encouraging users to inquire about listings and services.

  • Story Highlights: We created informative and visually appealing story highlights to showcase available properties and the real estate process.

4. Graphic Design Excellence:

  • Stunning Visuals: Every post was a masterpiece, blending aesthetics with property details, enhancing DreamHaven's reputation.

  • Consistency: We maintained a consistent visual style, reinforcing the brand identity across all posts.