Client: Unboxing Session Youtube Channel

Project Overview:

Role: Branding Designer, Content Creator, Social Media Manager

Tools Used: Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator), Video Editing Software (e.g., Adobe Premiere Pro), DSLR Camera, and Lighting Equipment.

Project Description:

1. Branding and Logo Creation:

Objective: The primary goal was to create a strong visual identity for the YouTube channel that resonated with the target audience.


  • Extensive research into the channel's niche and target audience to understand their preferences.

  • Ideation and sketching of multiple logo concepts that would convey the channel's theme effectively.

  • Digital design using Adobe Illustrator to refine and finalize the chosen logo.

Outcome: A distinctive and memorable logo that encapsulated the essence of the channel's content and appealed to viewers.

2. Visual Aesthetics and Brand Consistency:

Objective: Maintaining a consistent visual identity across all channel assets, such as thumbnails, banners, and video overlays.


  • Designing eye-catching thumbnails that not only captured the video's content but also adhered to the brand's visual style.

  • Creating custom video intros, outros, and lower-thirds to reinforce the brand's identity.

  • Selecting and applying a cohesive color palette and typography across all assets.

Outcome: A visually cohesive channel that left a lasting impression on viewers and built brand recognition.

3. Content Creation:

Objective: Producing engaging and informative videos that resonated with the audience.


  • In-depth research to identify trending topics and evergreen content ideas within the channel's niche.

  • Scriptwriting and storyboarding to ensure each video had a clear structure and engaging narrative.

  • Shooting high-quality video content with DSLR cameras and professional lighting setups.

  • Editing, including color correction, sound enhancement, and the addition of engaging visual effects.

Outcome: A growing library of high-quality videos that consistently attracted and retained viewers, leading to increased subscriber numbers and viewer engagement.

4. Community Engagement and Analytics:

Objective: Building a strong community of subscribers and fostering engagement through meaningful interactions.


  • Regularly monitoring and responding to viewer comments and feedback to create a sense of community.

  • Analyzing video performance using YouTube Analytics to optimize content strategy.

  • Implementing audience suggestions and requests to tailor content to viewer preferences.

Outcome: A thriving channel with an active and engaged subscriber base, resulting in increased likes, shares, and comments.